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The S.C.T.T.® Update

Fun with Southern California Touring Tears®

15th (and last) S.C.T.T.® GATHERING

March 24 > 27, 2011

Lake Perris SRA, Lake Perris, CA






LAKE PERRIS, CA - The 14th S.C.T.T. Gathering was a great event. The weather was beautiful. Lake Perris State Park is a very nice location and the company of 131 teardrop and owner was fantastic! S.C.T.T. has set a new record!

Again, Lake Perris State Recreational Areas proved to be a great location for the 14th S.C.T.T. Gathering. Lake Perris is surrounded by rugged flower covered hills. The camp sites are asphalt which back up to a concrete slab with a table and fire ring. This years attendance was the largest in S.C.T.T.'s fourteen years. We camped in the bigger camping loops which eliminated the need for two teardrops per site. The larger area also allowed us to have the pot-luck and Dutch oven cookout on the asphalt. (There are way too many squirrel holes in the grass/weed/dirt areas.)

FROM FAR AND WIDE - We arrived at the Park expecting 119 teardrops. As in past years some Teardroppers canceled and others arrive to register on site. When all the bits of paper were compared, we had 131 teardrops and enjoy the company of 300 or so very good friends. To our delight there were 37 first-time Teardroppers! We enjoyed meeting these folks and they assured us that they will be at all future Gatherings. Teardroppers came from Arizona, California, Utah, Idaho AND Minnesota to spend the weekend.

Friday afternoon Marianne Habeger supervised about 25 Teardroppers with a Dutch oven cookout. This year more Dutch oven cooks add new recipes to share After all the favorite recipes were cooked there was a great taste testing. SCTT would like to encourage more Teardroppers to break out the Dutch ovens and join the fun next year.

The majority of Teardrops arrived Friday and Saturday. Many visiter also dropped by to check out the teardrop trailers. The late Saturday afternoon we headed to the pot luck area to set-up the 45 table for pot luck. A great gang appeared to help set-up the tables and drape them with festive red & white paper cloths. A few minutes before the official meal time, pots, pans, bowls & boxes of food began to arrive. Each table was number so Lynn could play name-that-tune. When the table members identified the title and singer of the music, they headed for the food tables. Great fun with lots of briber! Teardroppers are wonderful cook and those who don't cook, know were to find great food!

We firmly believe that everyone should leave an event with something in hand. Because of the generous donations of several business and fellow Teardroppers, every couple went home with a gift. A very heart felt thank you to: Rudy & Barbara Arellano, Ty & Denice Copeland, Greg & Karrie Newland, Stan & Lora McCall, Pat Weston, Clyde & Vicki Bussey, Al & Karen Fink, Mary VanDussen, Bill & Bev Mileham, Tim & Doreen, Steve, Sports Chalet, WalMart, Gottschalks, Big 5 Sporting Good, & Home Depot!! If we have overlooked anyone, my sincere apologizes.

OTHER ACTIVITIES - As for other activities for the weekend, the Teardroppers did what the like to do best! Teardroppers and the many visitors that come for the day just to check-out teardrops.

Several folks brought canoes and took a "row"? around the lake. Some brought fishing gear to try their luck at fishing.

The Park offered an evening campfire program. The museum for the local native Indian tribe was open for our benefit. Hiking and bicycle trails were well mark for those with high energy.

.MANY THANKS - The success of any event is only as good as those who pitch in to help. S.C.T.T. is very fortunate to have so many folks willing to help. This Gathering would not have been possible without the help of so many Teardroppers. A special thanks to the following Teardroppers: Matt and Don Haley - thank you for making new paper towel holder to keep the towels dry in the rest rooms and for keeping the rest rooms stocked with paper towels, tissues and soap. The Pot Luck Set-up Team AND the Gourmet Chefs. To the Registration Team Marilyn, Mac, & David. To the Rangers and Volunteer staff at Lake Perris SRA, thank you for fulfilling our every need. If we have missed anyone, we apologize. The success of the 14th S.C.T.T. Gathering was a group effort and we deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone.

2011 GATHERING - The 15th (and last) Gathering will again be at Lake Perris in the Deer/Owl with the 160 sites! We would love to fill every site - no doubling up, unless you wanta! Tell everyone who has a teardrop to mark their calendars for March 24 > 27, 2011. (Remind those who want to come check-out the teardrops, that Friday and Saturday are the best days.) This will be a truly huge teardrop Gathering!

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